Remote Lighting Systems

Energy Efficiency and Remote Lighting Systems

Some laboratory situations require isolating the lighting system from a specific task or functional area. These areas can be very small, such as fume hood setups, or large, such as cleanrooms. A remote location light source is coupled to a distribution optic that effectively conveys light to the task within the space. This separation of source and distribution is typically used in applications that require electrical isolation because of safety, electrical interference, or spark hazard concerns.

Remote lighting systems can be used in laboratory spaces where light sources must be isolated because of:

·EMI (electrical/magnetic interference),

·solvents or flammable materials that may present fire hazard,

·extreme temperatures,

·ultraclean conditions,

·areas that cannot be easily maintained, and

·large quantities of particulate material.


Remote lighting system components

Remote lighting sources

Remote lighting optics and distribution

Remote lighting applications

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